Specialist fields Transport & traffic flow modelling, Data analysis, and Model calibration & validation.

We understand that modelling and programming can be extremely time-consuming, either in the business or in the academic environment. We have substansive experience in either environment.

Our software packages have assisted to produce world-class results for many consulting and research projects and for many academic papers published in top international journals in the transportation area, e.g. Transportation Science, Transportation Research Part B.

We offer to assist you in transport and traffic flow modelling, solving, analysis and implementation. You can use our packages or we can embed our solfware modules into your packages. We can also develop transport and traffic flow models and software for your special needs.

Contact Us

To reduce your modelling and software development time or enrich the functionality of your software packages, please e-mail us at y.e.ge@TrafficFlowSoft.com regarding any issues on transport and traffic flow modelling and software development.

We are looking forward to discussing with you to address your consulting, research or eduction needs.

Commercial Terms & Fees

Standard Rate is £60 or $90 per hour but negotiable, dependent on contract duration and working location. Please contact us for more information.

Traffic Flow Soft * Cambridge, England, UK * Email: Y.E.Ge@TrafficFlowSoft.com